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How to Care for Your Cedar Closets

Aromatic red cedar Caring for Closet Organizer

Have you had your cedar closets for a while and they just don’t seem to smell as good as they once did? It is natural for cedar closet products to begin to “loose” their smell after a while, but it is simple to bring that smell back. Cedar closets naturally protect your clothing while adding a pleasant aroma to the air. While the cedar will continue to repel insects, such as fabric-eating moths, proper cleaning and care of your closet will keep it looking and smelling fresh for years to come. During your normal house cleaning routine, remember to dust your cedar units, just like you would any other furniture piece, helping to keep it clean. Approximately once a year, using fine-grit sandpaper, lightly sand your cedar units, making sure to wear protective equipment such as dust masks. Begin by removing all items for you closet. Yes, I know we are asking a lot, but its best to remove everything before you begin; this makes the sanding process and clean up easier. Sanding can be done with an electric sander but it’s best to do this job by hand. Once you have completed sanding your cedar closets simply vacuum, making sure you pay special attention to the shelves. Sanding dust can collect in shelf grooves so I would recommend using the brush attachment on your vacuum to ensure you remove all the dust. With just a few simple steps you will have that great smelling closet again!

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