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Corner Cubby Closet Organizer

Here we will show how our Corner Cubby Kit is assembled.

Tools you will need

  • Safety Glasses
  • A hand drill
  • An 1/8th inch drill bit
  • A stud finder
  • A #2 square drive bit
  • Level

What’s included

  • 4 side panels (2 top and 2 bottom)
  • 1 ship-lap pole (top and bottom)
  • 6 shelves (3 pre-drilled)
  • 15 shelf pegs
  • 12, 2in washer head screws
  • 9, 3in washer head screws

Step 1:

Using your 1/8th in. drill, drill thru Bottom Panels, and one ship-lap pole’s lowest peg holes that you wish to place a shelf. (must be below the middle shelf)


Step 2:


• Note: For ease of assembly, attach the corner shelves while laying the system on the floor and stand the corner shelves up into their proper position after   completely assembled.
•Align the holes you drilled for the bottom shelf with the pilot holes of the bottom panel, insert 2in. screws and tighten until barely loose.
•Align 2in. screws with top and bottom side panels, and pilot hole of the middle shelf, barely tighten screws.
•Align pre-drilled holes on the top panel with pilot holes of shelf and inset 2in. screw, tighten until barely loose
•Turn over and repeat previous 3 bullets for other side
Corner-Cubby-Step-2eStep 3:


•Align the hole you drilled in the bottom ship lap with pilot hole on the back of the bottom shelf, insert 3in. Screw and tighten until barely loose.
•Align 3in. screw with top and bottom ship-lap poles, and the pilot hole on the back of the middle shelf, barely tighten screw.
•Align predrilled hole on the top ship lap pole with the pilot hole on the back of the top shelf and inset 3in. screw, tighten until barely loose
•Fully tighten all screws connected to the top and bottom shelves
•Tighten screws connected to middle shelf until barely loose.
Corner-Cubby-Step-3dStep 4:

Stand corner cubby assembly up in the corner in which it will be placed, adjust top and bottom panels until they are flush with each other, THEN fully tighten the middle shelf’s screws.

Now remove assembly from the wall to tighten the remaining screw connecting the ship-lap poles to the middle shelf. Then place assembly back against the wall.

Step 5:

Using your stud finder, locate the studs (typically 16 inches apart from each other), level, and secure cubby system to at least 1 stud by screwing 3in. Screw thru the top, middle, and bottom shelves into the studs.



Step 6:

Insert shelf pegs at desired shelf locations, insert shelf by resting one end first, then tapping the other end into place. Pegs should be resting in the notches on the bottom of the shelves.  Shelves can always be removed and relocated.