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Cubby Add-On Organizer

Cubby Add-On’s are a great way to round out your closet organization solution.  Below are some basic instructions for assembling them.

Tools you will need

  • Safety Glasses
  • A hand drill
  • An 1/8th inch drill bit
  • A stud finder
  • A #2 square drive bit
  • Level

What’s included

  • 2 “add-on” side panels ( top and  bottom)
  • 6 shelves (3 pre-drilled)
  • 12 shelf pegs
  • 6 ½in washer head screws
  • 6, 2in washer head screws
  • 6, 3in washer head screws
  • 6 “L” brackets
  • 6 Shelf Pins

Step 1:

Replace the side panels (of the side of the cubby of which you wish to add on to) with the “Add-On” side panels included in your “Add-On” kit. Remember to place an “L” bracket at each place a shelf is screwed into the new side panel. (keep original side panel to place at end of added cubbies)

Step 2:

•Assemble the Top, Middle, and Bottom shelves with the side panels you removed in step 1. make sure that you install the shelves on the same levels they are on the cubby your adding on to.
•Make sure side panels are flush with each other before fully tightening.
Step 3:

Stand assembled half cubby up and rest on the “L” brackets of the assembled cubby, starting from the top and working down, flush shelf to side panel and screw in place thru “L” bracket

Cubby-AddOn-Step3aStep 4:

Using your stud finder, locate the wall stud and level the shelf, (typically 16 inches apart from each other) and secure cubby system to at least 1 stud by screwing 3.5in. Screw thru the top, middle, and bottom shelves into the studs.  If  wall studs cannot be located , use drywall anchors according to manufacturer’s  recommendations.



Step 5:

Insert shelf pegs at desired shelf locations of outside panel. Insert shelf pins into inner panel tapping gently into place using a hamer. Pegs should be resting in the notches on the bottom of the shelves.

Shelves can be removed and relocated as desired.