About Us


From the log woods in the mid 80′s, Dan Reeder has logged and harvested aromatic red cedar. At that time red cedar was considered a nuisance tree and was of little use. It was occasionally used as a fence post, because it was widely known to be rot resistant.

In 1990, Dan and his wife Teri started Northern Kentucky Cedar as a sawmill in a 12′ x 20′ shed. Sawing about one load of lumber per month for a few local companies, . In 1992, Dan & Teri brought Joe Berry in as a partner. Since then Northern Kentucky Cedar LLC has grown into a facility with seven buildings, including manufacturing facilities and a dry kiln. Our mills produce about 1 million feet of aromatic red cedar per year. This gives us the ability to take the red cedar log from its natural rough look to a stunning clean and smooth finished product. Northern Kentucky Cedar is known all over the world as a quality producer of lumber, where we export lumber to seven different countries.

Aromatic red cedar is a non endangered species of wood – its growth out paces harvesting. It grows primarily in the eastern part of the United States. Its pleasant scent and a vibrant red color – left untreated will turn a silvery gray – have been traditionally used for cedar chests because of its natural ability to repel insects without harmful chemicals. Cedar also has a wonderful ability to help absorb musty smells making it exceptional for closets, basements and such.

Today, Northern Kentucky Cedar is primarily a manufacturing plant.  We produce cedar closet organizers and various other products for the home.  Visit our Closet Systems section for more information.

For more than twenty-five years, Northern Kentucky Cedar has operated at 7301 Mt. Gilead Road in Maysville, Kentucky.




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