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Why Haven't You Ordered Yet?

Are you still debating on redoing your closets? Why wait another stressful minute when there is help and so many choices. From reach in closets to large walk-ins, Northern Kentucky Cedar can help you organize your closet and storage areas. Not for sure where to start, check out our tips for designing your closet. Our reviews show that we offer quality products at an affordable price and that we stand behind our products. Customer satisfaction and service is something we pride ourselves on. We can offer design help, from the basic to complicated closets, or we will check your design...

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Needing Extra Storage?

Cedar Shelves Closet Organizer Closet Systems Cubby Systems Hanging Kits Home Organization Shelving Units

Now that the holiday season is over, what are you going to do with all the new clothes, toys and decorations that you have gained? Our products are designed so you can customize to fit your exact needs. Need more shelving space for bulky items? Then look at our cubby shelving systems. If you need hanging space for those new clothes, our hanging kits are what you need. Or if you are giving yourself a complete closet makeover, then our wall kits are designed to be the perfect combination of shelving and hanging space. But what about all of those...

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Why Choose Northern Kentucky Cedar Products?

Aromatic red cedar Closet Organizer Eco-friendly quality products solid wood

Northern Kentucky Cedar has always believed in providing top quality products to our customers, but the advantages of our products goes far beyond quality. NKC products are made from SOLID aromatic red cedar wood that provides a natural insect repellent, is easily customizable to fit your exact needs, and is eco-friendly. By selling only solid wood products, you will receive quality beyond the normal “box set” closet organizers. If the products listed are not exactly the size you need, with a few tools you can cut the items down to fit your exact dimensions, something you can’t do with wire...

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Snowpants, jackets and scarves, oh my!

For some of us the transition from summer to fall to winter was a bit too short.  My kids went sledding yesterday!  Now the problem of how to get cool weather jackets and winter coats to co-exist in the same space just got serious.  I was reminded again of the benefit of solid Aromatic Red Cedar closet organizers, over metal or wire solutions. With four boys staying organized is just a bit challenging.  A seven shelf Shoe Cubby by Northern Kentucky Cedar is the perfect solution to making sneakers and snow boots play nice.  The flat facing on each shelf makes...

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Your Clutter Could Be Costing You!

Closet Designs Closet Organizer Closet Systems Clothes Storage Clutter Home Organization quality products

We all have that closet, room or even garage that we cringe every time we go in, or even avoid all together. The space that has great possibilities but there is so much clutter that we need a GPS system to find anything. But did you know that your clutter could actually affect your health and cost you money? Having too much clutter can be stressful because you are not in control of your space, your clutter is. And in the long run stress can have an adverse effect on your health. Not only can clutter cause stressful situations that...

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