Northern Kentucky Cedar Frequently Asked Questions.

These are frequently asked questions that we have encountered at Northern Kentucky Cedar.

Q.  The space that I want to put my hanging kit in is 32″ but you only offer 24″ and 36″ kits.  What should I do?

A.  One of the great things about this closet product is that it’s DIY friendly.  We recommend that you purchase a 36" Hanging Kit and make a couple of simple cuts to fit your space.  Something we have learned over that years is that a space that measures 32″ at the top of the wall won’t necessarily measure exactly 32″ at the bottom of the wall.  Take several measurements before you make your cuts to get the best fit for your organization products.

 Q.  Can I mix and match products, or am I stuck with what comes in a 10′ wall kit?

A.  The Wall Kits that you see on our site are bundles of 1 Cubby and 2 Hanging Kits.  These kits are designed to provide a basic model for how our products work together.  Another benefit is that these bundled kits offer about 10% savings off of the individual components bought separately.  We encourage all of our customers to be creative when making your purchase.  Decide how much hanging space, shoe storage, and shelving space you need and match that space with the products that are right for you.  Also, visit our Testimonials page for ideas from some of our past customers!

Q.  We have had our closet system for a few years.  Recently I noticed some small cracks in the wood, and around a knot.  Is this a defect?

A.  Splitting or cracks in cedar is a natural process known as “ checking “. This, along with small pin holes and knots, is a natural characteristic of the wood.  Small cracks , and knots less than the size of a pencil, are not considered defects and is part of the charm of Aromatic Red Cedar.

 Q.  What are the dimensions of this product?

A.  All of our new products are 14.5″ deep, and all closet organization products are 84″ tall.  The width varies based on what product you are looking to purchase.  One thing to keep in mind when choosing products with the assembled dimension of the product.  This information is found at the bottom of the description for all of our products.  An 18" Cubby, for example, is actually 19 1/2″ wide.  The 18″ measurement denotes the shelving space of the unit.

Q.  How long does the cedar smell last, and what do I do when it fades?

A.  The natural scent of aromatic red cedar tends to diminish over time as the oils are released into the air.  If this happens, simply take some fine grain sandpaper and lightly sand the surface of the wood to restore the smell.

Q.  What is the difference between Open Solid, Open Ventilated, Deluxe Solid and Deluxe Ventilated?


Deluxe Panel vs. Open Panel


Solid vs. Ventilated Shelving