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On this page you will find PDF Instructions for all Northern Kentucky Cedar, LLC. products. Click on your purchased product below for instructions.

In the SKUs below  **  represents the size you purchased. All SKUs are displayed on your packaging and packing slip.

Product Name Product SKU PDF Link
Wall Kit CBVSWK**12  Click Here
Deluxe Wall Kit CDVSWK**12 or CDSSWK**12 Click Here
Cubby Kit CBVCK**12 Click Here
Deluxe Cubby Kit CDVCK**12 or CDSCK**12 Click Here
Corner Cubby Kit CBVCC0024 Click Here
Deluxe Corner Cubby Kit CDVCC0024 or CDSCC0024 Click Here
Shoe Cubby Kit CBVSC**12 Click Here
Deluxe Shoe Cubby Kit CDVSC**12 or CDSSC**12 Click Here
Cubby Add-On CBVCA**12 Click Here
Deluxe Cubby Add-On CDVCA**12 or CDSCA**12 Click Here
All Hanging Kits CBVHK**12 or CSSHK**12 Click Here