DIY Closet Kit Wall Organizers | Solid Aromatic Red Cedar

We have bundled our best closet organizers to make design work and installation easy. Trim to size modular systems that can be customized to fit your needs. Simply order the size that is the same size or larger than your space and trim down the Hanging sections to fit.

Products by Northern Kentucky Cedar, LLC:

Deluxe Wall Kits


We put these units front and center with pride, they easily make any room more efficient and look great doing it. We offer them in 6' (73.5"), 8' (97.5") and 10' (121.5").

They are designed to be between two walls, but you can add our other products to them easily. Cubby Add-Ons can attach to the center tower to extend the unit. You can also add any cubby (Regular, Shoe, or Corner) to each end of the Hanging section.

If you just want the standalone closet kit we offer Additional Side Panels. Attach these to the ends of the Hanging section to complete the unit. You can attach one end of the kit to a wall and one to a Panel or attach both ends to the Panels Sets. We recommend that the unit is attached to a wall on the backside however to avoid the unit from tipping over.


The deluxe has the option for Solid or Ventilated Shelving, see options below.


Basic Wall Kits



These follow the same rules as the Deluxe model, except everything is Ventilated. The Basic Side Poles replace the Deluxe Panels. One important note is that they are also bigger in width 6' (74.5"), 8' (98.5"), and 10' (122.5").

Wall Kit Styles