Northern Kentucky Cedar is the manufacturer of closet organization systems for your home, made from aromatic red cedar. We also manufacture cedar mulch, animal bedding, cedar sawdust and many other products useful in your home. Our facility is located in Maysville, Kentucky, and all of our cedar logs are grown within one hundred miles of our plant. All of our products are made and assembled in America, from American natural resources.

Aromatic red cedar is a non endangered species of wood – its growth out paces harvesting. It grows primarily in the eastern part of the United States. Its pleasant scent and a vibrant red color – left untreated will turn a silvery gray – have been traditionally used for cedar chests because of its natural ability to repel insects without harmful chemicals. Cedar also has a wonderful ability to help absorb musty smells making it exceptional for closets, basements and such. Unlike wire closet systems, our closet organizers won't rust, making them popular in coastal areas and in places with high humidity.

Our cedar closet systems are also designed as a do-it-yourself product. Customize our organizer to fit your specific space and get the most out of your storage areas. Shoe organizers made from aromatic red cedar are also ideal because of the odor absorbing qualities mentioned above. Whether it's a Shoe Cubby or a 3 tier shoe rack, cedar is ideal for mudrooms and closets.

Byproducts made from Aromatic Red Cedar are a premium product. Whether you are using our bulk mulch for landscaping around your home, or our cedar shavings for horses or other large animals, cedar is tough to beat.

Call our office today to discuss truck load prices and quantities for any of our cedar byproducts, or to see what special discounts we are offering on our closet organization systems.