Corner Cubby | Aromatic Red Cedar | 14.5" Deep

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New Product - 14.5" Depth Available Now - This product is not compatible with our previous 12.5" Line  

Improve storage space and reduce clutter in your closet with our aromatic red cedar corner cubby unit.

Made to fit in any 90° corner, this unit adds a touch of natural freshness while providing extra storage. Maximize every inch of your closet and enjoy a more organized and refreshing space.

The Corner Cubby comes with Solid or Ventilated shelving (your choice) that is 26" in depth. It's flat-packed which allows for easy shipping. Straight forward design with pre-drilled panels, our unique baseboard notch, & simple hardware allows for very easy assembly.

Check out the Design Help section if you have any questions about this product.

  • Proudly Made in Kentucky, U.S.A 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Naturally Absorbs Musty Odors 
  • Easy Assembly (Great DIY) 
  • Hardware & Instructions Included 
  • Natural Insect Repellent 
  • Can Be Cut To Fit Your Needs (Open Panels cannot be cut down)


  • Style - Solid or Ventilated Shelving
  • Style - Deluxe or Open Panels (Support Style)
  • Dimensions - 7’ tall, 14.5” deep, 26.75" wide. Can be cut to fit.
  • Ease of Assembly - Pre-drilled for standard installation & a baseboard notch (6.5” Baseboard & below).
  • Ease of Design – This closet tower can be single, part of any walk-in or reach-in closet. Easy to cut down length and width. Includes three adjustable shelves.
  • Shipping - Everything is Flat-Packed, we ship via UPS Ground or LTL depending on order size.

Design Help:

We recommend the Deluxe version if you need to cut down the height. The open panel is not designed to be cut down.

Want to extend the cubby width?  Try our cubby add-ons.

Want to add hanging space to either side?  Try our hanging kits.

Need additional corner shelves?

Each Corner Cubby will include:

  - (X2) Cedar Side Panels

  - (x6) Corner Shelving (shelf type ordered)

  - Instructions & Hardware

Shipping Information:

  Dimensions Per Unit  

  26.75" - (H 8" x D 27" x L 46")  

  Unit Weight 63/68 lbs. 

Assembled Dimensions: 

- 26.75" (H 84" x D 26 ¾ x L 26 ¾)

- Corner Cubbies take up a 26 ¾ x 26 ¾ space once assembled.


Manufacturer: Northern Kentucky Cedar, LLC

Deluxe Manufacturer's Product Number: CDVCC**26 or CDSCC**26

Open Manufacturer's Product Number: CBVCC**26 or CBSCC**26

All products should be inspected prior to installation or upon hiring a professional to install them. Northern Kentucky Cedar, LLC is not responsible for loss of money, time, or assets due to defective or broken parts. We try to make our products so that they represent what is pictured above, but we make no guarantee that this solid wood product will be flawless upon delivery. After inspecting your parts, if there is something that concerns you please give us a call and our support staff will be more than happy to help in any way they can. All units are designed to be attached to a wall through means of anchoring. To properly install NKC products, they must be anchored to a wall. Please see included instructions for proper installation. Even though this can be a custom and DIY product, NKC still advises for each install, review and follow the instructions included with each unit.