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Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding 3" - Northern Kentucky Cedar

Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding 3"

$ 74.99

3" Aromatic Red Cedar Tongue & Groove siding random Lengths up to 4'.  Protect your closet by lining the walls with Aromatic Red Cedar siding.  This easy to install product will give you the wonderful scent and insect repelling qualities of cedar year round.


Refer to these instructions for more detailed installation information:,,20187465,00.html

*Due to the nature of our tongue and groove products being made upon order, these items do not ship within the normal time frame. Expect a minimum of two to three weeks for tongue and groove orders.

Actual dimensions:  3" Wide by 7/16" Thick


Two package sizes:

20 Square Foot (or 80 linear foot)

100 Square Foot (or 400 linear foot)

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