Storing Your Clothes can be a Nightmare!

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

Do you dread putting your winter clothes away for the warm summer months, knowing that this fall they will likely come out musty smelling and possibly covered in holes from moths and insects? Do you have that extra closet/room that you can use for storage? Then how about lining the walls with our aromatic red cedar tongue and groove! Eastern red cedar is a natural insect repellent, controls odor, is rot resistant, and is completely eco-friendly. Northern Kentucky Cedar never treats our lumber or materials with chemicals, allowing the natural characteristics and beneficial qualities to shine through. Aromatic red cedar has long been known to repel insects; remember your grandmother’s cedar chest she always stored her quilts and valuables in, that is why! With these natural qualities you can create a storage area in your damp basement or garage without fear of your items being ruined. Our tongue and groove comes in widths of three or five inches and is easily installed. So store your clothes away for the seasons without the nightmares and worrying of what will have to be replaced when it’s time to change out your clothes again. Storing your clothes in a closet lined with cedar tongue and groove from Northern Kentucky Cedar can save you and your clothes in the long run!