Why Choose Cedar?

Posted by Bold Apps on

Aromatic Red Cedar has many positive characteristics, below we will list a few benefits as to why having a Cedar Organizer is right for you!

1.) Aromatic - Red Cedar is known for having a nice and earthy scent, that others try very hard to make artificially. We do not have to worry about that! Our organizers are made from solid wood and when they leave our facility they are completely free of additives. We do not stain, dye, or add anything to them. Leave it natural or stain as you please, but the next benefits only shine through if the cedar is left unstained.

2.) All Natural - As mentioned before, everything about our system is made of solid wood and a few metal parts here and there. 

3.) Repellent - Aromatic Red Cedar is known to repel many of the common household pests, including moths and cockroaches. Will help to keep your clothes safe and clean!

4.) Sustainable - Our source of Cedar is very sustainable, meaning that the growth of Red Cedar (Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana) out paces the harvest rate. Once considered a nuisance tree because of the overpopulation. 

5.) Rot Resistance - This may not appear to be a bonus for your closet, but we have had customers use our units to help with musty odors. A damp location will make most species of wood wither away, but Aromatic Red Cedar is very sturdy.