Snowpants, jackets and scarves, oh my!

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For some of us the transition from summer to fall to winter was a bit too short.  My kids went sledding yesterday!  Now the problem of how to get cool weather jackets and winter coats to co-exist in the same space just got serious.  I was reminded again of the benefit of solid Aromatic Red Cedar closet organizers, over metal or wire solutions.

Solid Cedar Shoe CubbyWith four boys staying organized is just a bit challenging.  A seven shelf Shoe Cubby by Northern Kentucky Cedar is the perfect solution to making sneakers and snow boots play nice.  The flat facing on each shelf makes labeling a snap so each boy can see where their shoes go, and which shoes go where.  Our older children can occupy the taller shelves and the younger ones have their space on the bottom.

Now that our shoes are corralled, we focus on coats and jackets.  Again, the principle of separate, but equal is the reigning philosophy. A 24" double Hanging Kit  (I actually got a 36" Hanging Kit and cut 12" off to use in another place) is what we are going with.  Four sections for four boys.  We are on a roll.  Jackets and coats (even snow pants for the little boys) fit nicely together.  Because of the solid cedar construction, and the synergy of adding these products together, I don't worry about how many items we load our system down with.  
Now we used a 12" Deluxe Cubby Kit for bins to hold hats, scarves, mitten, stray socks, Legos, old homework get the picture.  Each boy has a shelf and bin.  When items are hung up wet no one panics.  The cedar doesn't rust and is resistant to rot, making it ideal for mud room duty.
  Having spent the better part of a decade between Alaska and South Dakota, we have learned the virtue of snow pants.  My kids are still blasting down the lone snow covered hill in our neighborhood while the other kids have retreated home, wet and cold, because we have snow pants!  The down side to this marvel of arctic apparel is where to put them when the kids finally sucuum to their hot chocolate craving.  Remember the 12" piece that I cut from our 36" Hanging Kit?  Bingo!  I installed one cedar shelf, closet rod, J-hook and angle brace, between the cubby and the wall.

 Overall, I think this solution will solve our problem of seasonal transition.  (see rough diagram below to get an idea of what it should look like).