Why Choose Northern Kentucky Cedar Products?

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

Northern Kentucky Cedar has always believed in providing top quality products to our customers, but the advantages of our products goes far beyond quality. NKC products are made from SOLID aromatic red cedar wood that provides a natural insect repellent, is easily customizable to fit your exact needs, and is eco-friendly. By selling only solid wood products, you will receive quality beyond the normal “box set” closet organizers. If the products listed are not exactly the size you need, with a few tools you can cut the items down to fit your exact dimensions, something you can’t do with wire closet systems. Aromatic red cedar is also a natural repellent against clothes destroying moths and other insects, and naturally resists mildew, mustiness and mold making it perfect for closets and storage areas. All products of NKC are chemical free and provide a natural alternative to provide protection from insects. So your grandmother’s cedar chests for her “valuables” were not just old wise tales! Plus you won’t need the unpleasant smell of moth balls in your closets anymore. So what are you waiting for?! NKC maybe one of the best investments you make for your home.