Environmentally Friendly!

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

In today’s world environmental issues have come to the forefront of concerns for families. Our products are made from solid aromatic eastern red cedar with no added chemicals or treatments. Eastern red cedar is a natural insect repellent, making it great for closets, and is also rot resistant. Our wood is dry kilned (dried with heat to remove excess moisture), to prevent the wood from warping making a more sturdy final product.

With natural benefits of cedar wood being an insect repellent and rot resistant, there is no need to add any type of chemical treatments to our products. Eastern red cedar has a moderate to fast growth rate and is a sustainable species of trees that can grow in a wide variety of soil types and locations. With a quick growth rate, eastern red cedar has the potential to outgrow the harvest rate.

Our products are made from locally grown trees in Northern Kentucky, all within a 150 mile radius of our facility. We take the raw logs and cut them into the lumber required to make our products, ensuring that no chemicals or treatments are added to our wood. This process allows us to have complete control over our lumber and the products they make, so we can ensure our customers that our products are completely chemical free. If you have any questions regarding our manufacturing process please contact us.