Not Just For Closets!

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

With three boys, it was a constant battle to keep their rooms clean, especially of towels after they take showers. But after getting a few shelves I was able to fix all of that, at least for now. I have always loved decorating in the more rustic primitive look and this project was right up my alley. My boys would always have towels lying in their floors and with 3 boys, it was A LOT of towels and having only one hook in the bathroom the math never worked out right. I have never been very handy when it comes to working with wood; I'm more of a decorator and wreath maker. Give me some fabric and flowers and I'm in! But I was able to do this little project all by myself, all you need is shelves, hooks (in the style that you like) and some L-Brackets, along with a cordless drill. I stopped by the local hardware store, one of my favorite places to visit, and picked up small hooks that you would normally hang coats on, and some L-Brackets. I think I spent a total of $10 on hardware but that does two jobs, I'll tell you about those in a minute. I took a ventilated shelf (the kind with spaces in between the shelf slats), and made a great towel holder. Using a ventilated shelf it allowed air flow between the towels and wood, plus being cedar it helped my bathroom smell great, not an easy task with three boys sharing one bathroom, plus cedar is rot resistant.  I attached four hooks on the cedar shelf, spacing them out in a design I liked, keeping at least one lower for my smaller son. Then I attached the L-Brackets to the wall in the bathroom, make sure you drill your brackets into the studs or get the screw sets that have a special part for drilling into drywall (drywall anchors). You want to make sure you get something heavy, as four wet towels can begin to weigh a lot and you definitely don't want to have it coming out of the wall. Once you screw the l-brackets to the wall attach your shelf to the brackets, allowing the shelf to lay flat against the wall. And voila you have a cute and functional towel holder. Now for those other shelves and hooks. I attacked my boys' rooms and their never ending pile of hats. I just completed the same process, staggering the hooks to give it a design and allow the hats to hang properly. With very little effort I was able to take some shelves and turn them into a cute towel holder and hat corral!