Using Cedar in Your Home-The Pantry

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Do you have those ugly wire shelves in your pantry, and want something is not only more efficient but that also looks better? Try our shelving units or single shelves to expand your pantry. Our complete shelving units range in sizes from 12 inches to 30 inches, and we even have ones to utilize the corners of your pantry. While our single shelving options range from 12 inches up to 60 inches, giving you so many options to choose from. Use our solid shelving to store those small bags of baking goods without the worry of it falling onto the floor. While the aromatic red cedar is a natural insect repellent and absorbs those musty smells, that can sometimes happen in small enclosed rooms, making it perfect for your pantry. Using our adjustable shelving units, you are able to rearrange the shelves to fit those big bulky items that you purchase or even store those rarely used baking dishes that come out during those big family meals. We have so many options to help you get organized in your pantry from single shelves to our corner units and regular shelving units.