Putting your car back where it belongs!

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

A lot of us have that garage that has exiled our cars to the driveway, and looks more like a storage unit than a garage, but at Northern Kentucky Cedar we are more than just your closet organizing partner, we are your home organizing partner! Using our variety of cubby shelving systems you can change that year round garage sale look into something you are proud of and may even show off. Made of sturdy rot resistant, natural insect repellent and odor absorbing aromatic red cedar our products make it the perfect partner for those damp and musty garages and basements. Those bottles of car cleaners and never ending boxes of Christmas decorations will now have a home off of the floor, leaving a spot for your car. With cold weather upon us and those dreadful cold early morning walks outside to warm up our cars, now is the time to bring our cars back where they belong! Add on a hanging kit with an extra shoe shelf and hang those wet coats and those snow covered boots in the garage keeping your family from leaving puddles of snow and mud on your floor. They also make great storage for the summer messes of baseball bags, dirty cleats and coolers from the games. The possibilities are endless and here at Northern Kentucky Cedar we can help organize your life with our quality shelving systems.