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News — Cedar Shelves

Needing Extra Storage?

Cedar Shelves Closet Organizer Closet Systems Cubby Systems Hanging Kits Home Organization Shelving Units

Now that the holiday season is over, what are you going to do with all the new clothes, toys and decorations that you have gained? Our products are designed so you can customize to fit your exact needs. Need more shelving space for bulky items? Then look at our cubby shelving systems. If you need hanging space for those new clothes, our hanging kits are what you need. Or if you are giving yourself a complete closet makeover, then our wall kits are designed to be the perfect combination of shelving and hanging space. But what about all of those...

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Putting your car back where it belongs!

Cedar Shelves Closet Organizer Garage Storage

A lot of us have that garage that has exiled our cars to the driveway, and looks more like a storage unit than a garage, but at Northern Kentucky Cedar we are more than just your closet organizing partner, we are your home organizing partner! Using our variety of cubby shelving systems you can change that year round garage sale look into something you are proud of and may even show off. Made of sturdy rot resistant, natural insect repellent and odor absorbing aromatic red cedar our products make it the perfect partner for those damp and musty garages and...

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Not Just For Closets!

Cedar Shelves

With three boys, it was a constant battle to keep their rooms clean, especially of towels after they take showers. But after getting a few shelves I was able to fix all of that, at least for now. I have always loved decorating in the more rustic primitive look and this project was right up my alley. My boys would always have towels lying in their floors and with 3 boys, it was A LOT of towels and having only one hook in the bathroom the math never worked out right. I have never been very handy when it comes...

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