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Your Clutter Could Be Costing You!

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We all have that closet, room or even garage that we cringe every time we go in, or even avoid all together. The space that has great possibilities but there is so much clutter that we need a GPS system to find anything. But did you know that your clutter could actually affect your health and cost you money? Having too much clutter can be stressful because you are not in control of your space, your clutter is. And in the long run stress can have an adverse effect on your health. Not only can clutter cause stressful situations that...

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Designing the Perfect Closet!

Closet Designs Custom Closets Solid Wood

Do you have an odd shaped closet that those pre-designed box sets from bigger stores, just doesn’t fit exactly how you need it to? Or do you need help to figure out the best layout and maximize every possible inch of closet space? We all have had closet issues, from older homes with almost no closet, to apartments that every nook and cranny has to be utilized. Our products are made from solid wood, so customizing is easy. Have a thirty-seven inch space but we only have thirty-six or thirty-nine inch system that you are looking at. Simple, purchase the...

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Closet

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Designing your closet can feel a bit overwhelming, but who knows what you need in your closet better than you. The first and most important step is to measure, and once you measure, measure again! Draw the layout, with measurements, of your closet on a piece of paper, and include anything you have to work around such as windows, electrical panels or air returns. Now simply decide what you need  as far as hanging to shelving ratio, and make sure to include a long hanging section, if needed. For walk in closets, start in one corner (our corner cubbies are...

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