Designing the Perfect Closet!

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

Do you have an odd shaped closet that those pre-designed box sets from bigger stores, just doesn’t fit exactly how you need it to? Or do you need help to figure out the best layout and maximize every possible inch of closet space? We all have had closet issues, from older homes with almost no closet, to apartments that every nook and cranny has to be utilized. Our products are made from solid wood, so customizing is easy. Have a thirty-seven inch space but we only have thirty-six or thirty-nine inch system that you are looking at. Simple, purchase the larger size, and using simple tools you can cut the system down to fit your exact closet dimensions.  By using a solid wood product, you can cut down our products without the fear of destroying the look of the finished product. Would you still like a professionals' advice? Contact Northern Kentucky Cedar and we can help you design the perfect closet system to fit all of your needs.