Tips for Designing the Perfect Closet

Posted by Cindy Taylor on

Designing your closet can feel a bit overwhelming, but who knows what you need in your closet better than you. The first and most important step is to measure, and once you measure, measure again! Draw the layout, with measurements, of your closet on a piece of paper, and include anything you have to work around such as windows, electrical panels or air returns. Now simply decide what you need  as far as hanging to shelving ratio, and make sure to include a long hanging section, if needed. For walk in closets, start in one corner (our corner cubbies are great for these) and work your way around the room. As you lay out each piece simply subtract the dimensions of each unit. What happens when you have extra space and we don’t have a piece that size? Simply pick the item that you want in the next size larger. And since our products are made from solid cedar you can cut them down without destroying the look of the product. We always recommend doing a couple of different options  when you design your closet, that way you can see which one works better for you. But remember, we are here for you if you would like some advice.